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Adomado- Prize Win

It has been an amazing day in my life. I received the prize consisting of a wireless logitech keyboard and a mouse for free, thanks to the intiative of adomado.I had never imagined that one my  tweets like this one  “signed up via @_adomado to win @logitech Cordless Mouse & Keyboard Combo (of Rs. 3,045) at http://spreadtheinternet.com” will fetch me a prize. So besides all the other fun and joy, facebook and twitter have earned me some materialistic pleasure. So check the link out there and you can also win this prize. Best of Luck 🙂


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Petroleum Engineering student, I am an atheist, optimist, music lover, love to follow current affairs, indian politics, science, technology & sports.

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via Finally finished on my movie tweet reviews of 2009. Here’s the file ☞ – Review on Twitter.docx on FileSocial.

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Hello world!

Hello world! Just joined this site……..porbably the best one in blogosphere………..So whenever i feel the tweets too short to convey something i will be here to give a broader prospective on it.

Meanwhile i start blogging u can check my tweets anytime at http://www.twitter.com/jhjani

Also i have one blog posted on ibibo ☛ http://www.blogs.ibibo.com/jayjani

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